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My industry portfolio demonstrates my capabilities as a researcher and project manager.
I have designed and conducted several end-to-end research projects using primarily qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. I've worked in both academic and industry settings, and have a PhD in sociology. My sociological training allows me to seek out and understand the larger context of the research I'm conducting while still maintaining an empathetic, user-centered approach.

Street Stories

Focus Group Interviews
We  interviewed 3 groups of approximately 10 participants each. Focus groups were separated by public educator role: teachers, principals, and superintendents.
We asked questions about how they felt when they first started their jobs and how they feel now, what particular challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, and how they feel when their schools are compared to charter and private schools. 

We surveyed focus group participants with a paper questionnaire that asked more questions about the specific schools they work in.
The survey included options to be contacted for future studies, which later proved to be a successful tactic for securing participant referrals from this group.

Thematic Analysis
I conducted a thematic analysis of the data, focusing on challenges educators face in their daily work.
I prepared a report for stakeholders within the organization.

Voices of Texas Educators

Public School-Educated Texans


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