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My portfolio demonstrates my capabilities as a researcher and project manager. I have designed and conducted end-to-end research projects using primarily qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. I have a PhD in sociology, and after working in both academic and non-academic research, I have an understanding of the rigor required for studies in different settings. My sociological training allows me to seek out and understand the larger context of the research I'm conducting while still maintaining an empathetic, user- and participant-centered approach. 

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Voices of Texas Public Schools

A nonprofit organization was looking for research that showed real voices of Texans who demonstrate that there is inequality around opportunity, housing, food, education, time, care, health between the “haves” and “have nots," and would illuminate how the experience of public education differs for these groups. Over the course of several projects, I've used in-depth interviews, ethnographic observations, focus group interviews, and persona creation, among other methods of data collection and analysis.


Working-Class Politics in Central PA

I worked with Dr. Jennifer Silva on her research in the coal region of Central PA, focusing on working-class politics, family, education, and health. The research consists of ethnographic observations and in-depth interviews with approximately 120 Central Pennsylvanians. I wrote my master's thesis using this data, which was later published as a co-authored piece with Dr. Silva in the top academic journal for the sociology of gender, Gender & Society.

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Genocide and its Aftermath: Rwanda

I have worked with Dr. Hollie Nyseth (Brehm) Nzitatira on her project exploring the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide since 2019. The study consists of multiple waves of surveys and in-depth interviews. I have coded and overseen the coding of 300+ interviews in NVivo and maintained survey data in Qualitrics. Dr. Nyseth Nzitatira and I are currently working on a paper about state narratives of violence, with a focus on the perceptions of women as perpetrators of genocide, as well as a policy brief for Rwandan Correctional Services officials.

Graduation Ceremony

First-Gen Families: How First-Generation College Students Experience Family Relationships

My dissertation focused on first-generation college students and their relationships with their parents and families. I was interested not only in how the parent-child tie changes throughout the course of college, but also in how first-gen students experience those relationships and use narratives to craft a sense of self within the context of their upward mobility.

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